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    Be a better lover

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    Do you suffer from Premature Ejaculation?

    Do you have Sexual Dysfunction?

    Does Stress and Anxiety affect your performance?


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    All new clients must provide either a reference or deposit and book 24hrs prior.


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  • What is Tantra Massage?

    What is Tantra?

    Tantra is an ancient sacred art from India.


    It is slow and sacred, with an emphasis on the body-mind-soul connection.


    It is connecting the physical and spiritual realms to join and unite us in intimacy.


    Once the connection is made , it can heighten your sexual pleasure beyond what you thought possible. To expand your awareness consciously and increase the erotic pleasures of the soul.


    By empowering ourselves to worship our bodies, it allows us to open our souls to love and warmth, enabling us to love ourselves. When we make this connection, not only is love improved, but it also enables healing both spiritually and physically.


    Experience the pure innocence, yet erotic energy that this sacred art brings to pass, and fill your spirit with inspiration and a new focus on life and relationships.


    Once you have experienced the sensation, it is life changing and transforming, it can improve your relationships far beyond what you already know. Its blissful, stimulating, sensual and the most intensifying erotic release that you have only fantasized about.

    It is possible......

  • How is Tantra different?

    In Tantra we focus on massaging the whole body, while creating the movement of energy and spreading the sexually charged energy throughout the body. This is done through breathing techniques and allows a deeper space for a whole body and mind connection.

    By teaching these techniques, it can increase, prolong, and expand your ability for sensual touch.


    In tantra, you can release boundaries, allowing yourself empowerment and freedom, taking you into a trans-formative state.

    Tantra massage uses different hand strokes, that aims to heighten your sexual awareness, and taking you deeper into a more spiritual realm.

    Incorporates body to body, to raise our energies and connect our souls intimately .


    After your first session it will broaden your understanding of being intimate, and having respect, between the connections you make.


    What you learn can be shared with your partner or on your own.

  • Who is Tantra For?

    For Men - Sometimes men cum too early, or some men would like to last longer. Tantra can help you be in control of your orgasm and ejaculation, allowing you to cum when you want to, not when you feel you have to. Orgasms and Ejaculation are two different things, and yes you can Orgasm without Ejaculating which also allows you to Orgasm again. To be able to achieve more control allows you to pleasure your partner for longer.


    Prices for Men see "Tantra Sessions"



    For Women - To explore your sexuality. There is more than just way one to orgasm. Don't limit yourself and expand your concept of orgasms and become more conscious about your mind and body experiences. Orgasms leave you feeling energized, and have a healing power. Can include internal yoni massage.



    For Couples - Men give love to get sex, Women give sex to get love - This needs to be balanced. Learn to please each other together, to balance and compliment the desires and needs of each other.

    To connect your mind, body and spirit and change your love life forever. It is up to you, only you have the power to have the love life you deserve. Practice with your partner, feel what closeness is about and how deep you can become as a couple. Tantra, is to focus on the pleasure, to connect intimately, then the sexual climax comes slowly, naturally and blissfully.


    Prices for Couples:

    2hrs - $450

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